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Campione d’Italia

Title: The real estate in Campione d’Italia

Cost:  250 000 €

The real estate in Campione dI Italia


The prices for the real estate are available in a range from 150 000 up to 3000 000 euro

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There are primary (new buildings) and secondary habitation.

Objects on the site are exposed not all. Apply for information!

In the Italian city Campione di  Italia, located inside of the Swiss territory waits for you the Residences. The residences are the most up-to-date inhabited complexes of the supreme standard.

This place is ideal for residing the people got used and aspiring by a life in exclusive conditions. From this place it is possible to see a magnificent panorama of a gulf of Lugano with the review more than 180 degrees around.

Inhabited complexes offer just built up apartments - primary habitation, with internal furnish. Apartments of the different sizes, all having terraces with a kind on lake, basement constructions for economic needs and garages.

Campione is little-known, but very attractive, political and geographical anomaly. It actually, a part of the Italian Republic the area of all nearby 2,6 кm2, surrounded by territory of the Swiss Confederation from which, however, there is no frontier regime. I.e. you cross Italy and  Swiss Confederation - passing any restrictions or check of documents. It is a part of territory of Italy, located on territory of other state - Switzerland.

The city consists of country houses, ancient private residences and low-rise buildings. Now the local authorities supported by old residents, have forbidden erection of more than four-storey buildings.

Demand for the real estate in Campione constantly grows and quite often exceeds the offer. Therefore the prices for it also gradually increase. This pleasure, say, not for middle class that is quite natural for the territory of an enclave is limited.

At the same time in the field of sale and purchase of the real estate in Campione there is no discrimination concerning foreigners, unlike Switzerland and some offshore centers. In many other parts of the world there is a range of the prices for the same real estate. Foreigners can get habitation only under the maximum quotations which almost twice exceed its market cost. The real estate has to be sold to the local residents, that use right of priority of purchase, under the lowest quotations. Thus, in Switzerland only that habitation that is not of demand from its citizens is accessible to the foreigner. If he will decide to sell it in less than 15 years , there is a risk to gain from this operation only half of that in due time has been spent. Moreover, purchase of the real estate in Switzerland demands the official autorization, that brings  to long red tape. Even insignificant casual infringement at its registration can lead to confiscation subsequently. Besides it, the possession of real estate in Switzerland does not provide the right of residence permit.

In Campione the real estate while comparable at cost with Swiss, besides other, is reliable and favourable capital investment.

It turns out, that having bought the real estate in Campione, you will live in Switzerland and Italy simultaneously, at the same time having significant indulgences, comparing the Swiss laws.

In case of your interest,  Company "Damimpex " always will help you to get in touch with our partners building and selling the real estate in Campione d’Italia. We shall help to solve all the legal issues connected with purchase of the apartments,  registration of transactions and  further service of the real estate.

The peculiarities of residing, ways of residence permit optaining and tax privileges you can find in the page “IT’s INTERESTING”.


An apartment of 69.90 square meters – Attic - consists of a drawing room with a corner kitchen, two rooms, a bathroom, a large terrace of 16.72 square meters with a wonderful view of the lake; situated in the city center, entirely decorated, first-class luxury decoration, air-conditioner.

CHF. 700.000


An apartment of 49.75 square meters – Attic - consists of a drawing room with a corner kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a large terrace of 11.07 square meters with a magnificent view of the lake; situated in the city center, entirely decorated, first-class luxury decoration, air-conditioner.

CHF. 490.000

The mentioned apartments ( REF M 10/11) can be combined as they are situated one above the other.

CHF. 1.190.000.




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